Self Care for Chronic Back Pain

Can't afford to see a professional on a regular basis? or just looking for some handy hints to prevent and treat back pain?

Think Big

With most back pain (and yes there is always an exception) its not just one thing. Very often it didn't start as a physical thing, however it has manifested in a physical ailment. Has there been any emotional or psychological trauma? Are you excessively stressed? Do you have a lot of things going on at the moment?

Take a step back and think... Is this really as bad as I think it is? What positive steps can i take to make this better?


There is NO movement that should be avoided - but there are some (the ones which bother you the most) that can be adjusted and then progressively made harder in order to re adjust the brain and help it to understand you are fine. The more you stop moving the more the muscles will stop working.

If you want to see somebody then why not try our Online Therapist - A bespoke program and help from a Back Care Specialist!


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