Posture Correctors - hmmmm…..

I am seeing sooooo many posture correctors on the market and soooo many people commenting on them and buying them.

So are they useful...

On the whole...No

But ill explain why

Firstly - as posture goes there is no good or bad posture, the overriding problem is the SAME posture for long periods. And that's ANY same posture.

Obviously being held in a more open posture, which the posture correctors do, is more beneficial, than being round shouldered, however you are still being held in a static position.

I guess my issue lies in the fact that it encourages people to rely on an external force rather than their own body.

There are very few conditions where you cant support your own body or conditions that make you immobile.

The human body is so resilient and with a little bit of help you would be amazed how much your body can do.

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