do planks cure back pain?

I think most people who have been given a plank can already answer this question.

I’m often perplexed about some exercises for back pain...

Plank is a common exercise given.. (of which I am guilty to when I first started treating people)


Ask yourself this question..

Could you plank before you had back pain?

I’m guessing the answer is no .. most people don’t plank for fun.

So why are you being asked to plank with back pain

If you have read anything about chronic back pain it’s rarely anything to do with physical damage or a weak core but a complex series of emotional, psychological and media scaremongering that bending forward is going to break you causing fear of movement that is normal for a human being.

The thought of moving an area puts the fear of god into people (take a look at my video on avoidance coping on instagram @personal_science)

In my experience most people just need to learn how to move more efficiently.

So why are we teaching them how to plank which is a stable exercise.

Why not teach them to move better?


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