COVID-19: What Can We Do?

By Jake Francis

I thought it appropriate to write this blog, since the Prime Minister essentially put us into lockdown on Monday evening. Firstly, coronavirus is a global pandemic that seems to mostly effect our respiratory system. You can watch a very simple and informative video about how this virus works and why it is so dangerous here.

This disease seems to be far more infectious than the common flu virus, which is why it is so dangerous and why we have to follow the guidelines that are being set by the government. We cannot afford not to, because we will soon find the NHS does not have the capacity to cope with severe cases of COVID-19, let alone any other condition. We currently take the NHS for granted, because the look after us with even the simplest issues. If we don't follow the governments guidelines, the casualties won't just be from coronavirus, it will be from many other conditions that are usually simple to cope with. So fatality rates in the UK will shoot up.

However, we can easily reduce the risk of this happening. We have to stay indoors as much as possible. Yes, people will lose money, jobs, etc. But, how much does a life cost? Human lives are priceless and we need to protect each other! Money should be no object here! So, put aside your selfish behaviours and greed, forget about money and save lives! All you have to do is STAY INSIDE!


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