Back pain and mental health

have you been suffering from back pain for longer than 3 months? if the answer is yes then you are in the realms of chronic pain.

Chronic pain is time defined (longer than 3months) and the effect of this can affect so many other areas of our life.

Most people with chronic pain have no idea where it came from, there wasn’t one catastrophic moment that triggered anything. and for those of you who had a catastrophic moment it was more than likely a you picked something up which was a little to heavy, or you sneezed or put your socks on and your felt your back ‘go’.

Pain is pain BUT it’s also subjective... that means each person has their own perception of pain and we can make our pain worse just by thinking about it

ill give you an example:

Pain:rest cycle

You picked something heavy up and felt a twinge

it now hurts to bend over so you avoid the movement

the muscles to do said movement aren’t used

they become more painful


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