Physical Therapy


A new way to look after yourself 

At Personal Science we want to provide you with the tools to not only fix an injury but also prevent an injury.

This is not just about sporting injuries but everyday pain, including chronic pain such as lower back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis and so much more....

You can subscribe and have UNLIMITED FREE access to videos and online tutorials or you can try one of our paid services and have access to the Therapists for a bespoke program tailored just for you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today on the Basic Program for your free access.

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Why Online?

We believe online therapy is the way forward. For too long, we have seen the industry focus on passive treatments, such as massage. These feel great, but only provide short term relief. Our aim at Personal Science is to provide you with the tools to ensure lasting change. We want you to be fully recovered from your injury or condition forever. If this is something you want to achieve, take a look at our available packages.




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